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Why did Girls of Grace change to a one night experience?

Girls of Grace is excited to share that this years event will be 3.5 hours of dynamic speakers, live performances, and life changing truth, all packed into one incredible evening! Many of our Girls of Graces fans were finding it difficult with their busy Fall schedules to get away for the whole day. They have asked us to take the life changing event from before and create it into a one night experience. We have listened to you and are excited to share this one night experience with you!

Is seating assigned?

No, all tickets are General Admission (First come first served) in each designated section.

Tell me more about the various ticket levels available?

VIP Tickets: Includes early admission ticket into the event, a Meet & Hang pizza party before the event with GOG artists and speakers, exclusive event poster, VIP lanyard, and a Girls of Grace T Shirt. Be sure to arrive early! The VIP Experience begins at 4:30 PM. Ticket price includes applicable taxes.

Note: while VIP ticket holders have access to the closest seating, there are times in the program where girls are told they can come forward to the stage so they may stand in front of the section for a brief time.

PREMIUM EARLY ENTRY: Bypass the lines!  This ticket tier grants you EARLY ENTRY beginning approximately 45 minutes prior to show time - before General Admission and Groups and includes an exclusive event poster. Arrive on time... if you miss the early entry time you'll miss your chance at the best seating options! Ticket price includes applicable taxes.

GENERAL ADMISSION: First come, first served seating.

GROUP: Special offers available for groups of 10 or more. Email for group discounts!

Something came up, can I get a REFUND on my ticket?

Sorry, all sales are final. We are not able to issue refunds for tickets under any circumstances.

Do you offer discounted or free tickets?

Discounts are not available for Girls of Grace. At times we may have scholarship opportunities through generous donors. Applications are limited and are granted on a need-based evaluation. For more info, email

Why am I charged a service fee?

Service fees cover credit card processing, taxes and other fees associated with the sale of tickets.

What if I my ticket is lost or stolen?

Please contact immediately so we can cancel your previous ticket and reissue.

Can I transfer an unused registration to another event?

No. All sales are final and there are no refunds or transfers.

What if I want to bring a group?

We love having groups at Girls of Grace and offer a special group ticket price for 10 or more people. If you have a large group, you can contact for special discounts and offers.


What happens when?

Doors open for VIP at 4:30 PM

Doors open for Premium Early Entry at approximately 5:15 PM

Doors open for General Admission at approximately 5:30 PM

Event begins at 6:00 PM

There will be small breaks during the evening.

Event ends at 9:30 PM

Why is just a one day/Saturday event?

With Friday night sporting events and related commitments for many teens (band, drill team, cheer-leading, flag corps, etc.), many GOG fans have asked for a Saturday only event.

Where can I keep up with and interact with Girls of Grace?

You can find us here: Twitter: @GOGevent / Facebook: / Instagram: GOGevent. We love to hear from you and social media is a great way to tell your friends about Girls of Grace!

Will more event locations be added later?

We are always updating our schedule! The best ways to be the first to find out about our new events is to join our email list by signing up at the bottom of this page and like us on Facebook!

Can I bring food?

Some of the church venues do not allow outside food or drinks into their facility and/or sanctuary, although some exceptions are made for medical conditions. We do have a concession stand at most events with snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Why are Girls of Grace events in church venues?

Because God has entrusted us with so much in running this ministry, it is important that we are good stewards of everything we are responsible for. Our heart is to be able to continue to bring these events and experiences to you and your girls, and with the cost of arena events being so high, we felt the best option was to offer a smaller, more cost-effective option.

Can I leave during the event?

Yes, we only ask that if girls must leave that they do so with an adult.

Who’s on the program at Girls of Grace?

CLICK HERE to see our fantastic lineup of artists and speakers.

What will you talk about?

We will address issues that face teen girls today like, relationships, social media, self-image, friendships, and a relationship with God.

Who should come?

The Girls of Grace Conference addresses the issues facing 6th through 12th grade girls but we stress that this event is great for Mothers, daughters and leaders and we encourage them to attend together.

Can moms/dads/aunts/etc. come to the event too?

Adults are welcome to come along—in fact, we encourage at least one adult to come with every ten girls. While GOG is not geared towards a mother/daughter or father/daughter event, it can provide some great conversation starters. We encourage parents who want to attend with their daughter bring some of her friends along—not only because they will enjoy sharing the experience, but so her peer group will have heard the same messages.

Can guys come?

Girls of Grace is an event for teen girls only. Guys are welcome to attend as chaperones . . . dads, uncles, youth pastors, etc. However, you should be aware that male chaperones are not the norm, so you will be one of only a few men at the event. We do have opportunities for guys to work as volunteers (product sales, moving heavy boxes, etc.), so if you are a guy and are lucky enough to be asked to drive the vans or chaperone, consider volunteering and earn free event registration(s) while you’re there.

How much does the event cost?

Prices range between $25* and $99* please check the registration for your city to find out what price you and your group will need to pay.

*Service charges may apply.

After I register, can I purchase more seats later?

Yes. You can always purchase more seats until we are sold out.

When will I get my registration information?

Registration takes place online and you will receive confirmation by email and be able to print your registration from your computer.

Can girls who are younger than the target audience attend?

We do not restrict who attends Girls of Grace based on age. Our target audience is teen girls in 6th through 12th grades and their leaders/mothers. Our speakers may touch on issues that commonly face teen girls such as body image, bullying, purity, dating, eating disorders, etc. While our speakers may touch on these items as it relates to the overall message of the day, they are not experts in these fields and only speak on what the Bible has to say about these topics. Our speakers also avoid diving too deep into these sensitive issues and only touch on them at a high level. Unfortunately we cannot say whether or not the conference is for younger girls, as different parents have different levels of content they deem appropriate for their children. It is purely up to the parents' discretion whether or not their daughter should attend.